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"Hugga Loula is a charming look at the healing power of a hug, something we all need  more of in this day and age.
Sweet and endearing, the story is one that parents and kids alike will enjoy reading again and again...followed by a hug." Linda Oatman High, Children's Author


Fourteen-year-old Angie McGuire sets out on her own from Tucson, AZ to San Diego, CA in search of her father, a man she hasn't seen in ten years - not since her mom kidnapped Angie at just four years old. Angie meets several people who befriend her: Betty Barker, a vivacious redhead, P.R. McGuire, a little person, and Carlos, an illegal immigrant from Mexico.



What would you do if you found a wallet that was filled with money but didn't have any identification? What is the right thing to do? The main character Ethan is faced with four different real-life situations. Ultimately, making the right choice is up to each one of us. The decisions we make in life reflect our inner character - the person we are deep inside. What type of person do you want to be?

To schedule readings at libraries, bookstores, preschools or elementary schools, etc., please email me at I may also be contacted at the same email address for television and radio appearances, interviews and editorial services.

Presentation topics for writer's conferences, clubs etc. include: Working with Publishers - What to Expect; Marketing Your Manuscript to Editors - Ten Steps for Success, A Behind the Scenes Look - from Initial Idea to Traditional Publication, etc.

Lesson Plans

I am a former high school English teacher, junior high reading teacher, and lead preschool teacher for a baby classroom, one-year-olds, and two-year-olds. Please find on this website lesson plans for Hugga Loula and I Found a Wallet. For Runaway lesson plans, please email the author. 

Hugga Loula - basic elements of a story, basic elements of a play, and emotions/feelings.

I Found a Wallet - basic elements of a story. 

Runaway - comprehensive chapter checks, discussion questions, essay topics, character analysis, research topics, test, a word search etc.