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Hugga Loula – Emotions/Feelings Lesson


Students will understand the following eight emotions: happy, sad, mad/angry, frustrated, grumpy, disappointed, excited, concerned.  

Students will make appropriate faces to show a specific emotion.

Students will identify the emotions of each of the characters in Hugga Loula.

Students will communicate an emotion through illustration. (Older children could utilize words as well.)

Before Reading

The teacher will introduce the following eight emotions happy, sad, mad/angry, frustrated, grumpy, disappointed, excited, concerned by

showing the students the emotion faces on popsicle or tongue depressor sticks or having the different emotional faces drawn on paper plates.

Next, after identifying the emotions, hold one up and have students make a face of that specific emotion/feeling until you’ve gone through all of



Lastly, explain to the students that the characters in Hugga Loula experience different emotions. While you read Hugga Loula, ask the students


to think about what emotions each character is feeling. How do they know?  Do some of the characters’ emotions change in the story?

Read Hugga Loula.

After Reading:

Discuss the emotions each of the following characters were feeling: Hugga Loula (happy and then concerned) dad (angry/mad and then happy), mom (frustrated and then happy) Steve (sad and then happy). Lorenzo (happy)

Discuss what other emotion is given in the refrain (grumpy)

Discuss why the Dad’s, Mom’s, and Steve’s emotions/feelings changed. What happened? How did Hugga Loula calm them down?

Discuss how a person feels when they receive a hug.

Besides giving them a hug, how did Hugga Loula help out her different family members?

Art Project Choices: Have children draw a picture of a scene from the book showing an emotion, an emotion they are feeling now, or an emotion they felt earlier in the day, etc. The teacher decides if the children work with crayons, markers, paints, chalk, etc.

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